Aerial work is a profession which requires great rigor. Make the most of the experience of Azur Hélicoptère to make your projects come to fruition: film shooting, aerial photography, lifting, surveillance…

Our pilots are well appreciated for their know-how and their great qualities of mastery and precision.

We are at your disposal to study your aerial project and bring it to fruition.

Heli shooting

We have helicopters with experienced crews for all of your aerial missions: high definition shots, television broadcasting, site identification, sporting events, filming, etc…
Thanks to its maneuverability, the helicopter is the best tool to obtain extraordinary results.

Video We can produce video montages in our studios or provide the footage.

Photo Your aerial photography will be provided in the format and on the materials you request. Downloading, USB, paper, etc.

OUR SPECIALTY: NAUTICAL SHOTS Gain access to exceptional shots made by a qualified team working with the major civil shipbuilders. Their technique is to approach as close as possible quickly to capture moments of rare intensity.


Robinson R44 892 € HT/h
AS350 1650 € HT/h
EC130 1850 € HT/h
AS355 2450 € HT/h

* TVA 20%
Aerial photography or video shoot over an urban area requires an overflight dispensation from the prefecture valid for a period of 20 days.

Aerial photography or video shoot over an airport requires an authorization request (5 working days).

Helicopter transport :
Partnership with SAF Lifting

A simple and efficient way to transport voluminous goods from A to B. Our helicopter fleet and our team of professionals are quick to react in any environment and can provide a technical solution that is both fast and secure for all of your lifting needs up to 4,5 tons.

Whatever your project (building, communications, landscaping, pool..), we manage the entire project right up to execution of the building works:

- with a pre-study including risk analysis.

- with the necessary authorization requests ready for each stage of the project.

Before each engagement, we train your personnel about the utilization of helicopters to increase security on the ground.

Squirrel AS350
B3 (H125)

Persons capacity :1 pilote (+ 5 passengers)

Lifting capacity :External load

332 C1 (H215)

Persons capacity :1 pilote (+ 5 passengers)

Lifting capacity :External load


Prices : please contact us.

Advertizing lift

Make the most of the largest advertising support in the world !
Bigger than a football stadium.

An extraordinary way to promote your product on the Riviera and surroundings.
Immediate returns with 600,000 people reached per flight.

We can intervene for the promotion of multiple elements, event promotion, products and others.
The dimensions of banners range from 200 to 5000m2 for maximum visibility.

Flights are organized during the festival season, along the coast in the direction of Monaco, Cannes - Saint-Tropez and similarly in winter over the most important ski stations of the French Alps.




-5000 M2

up to



We partner all year round with local authorities and institutions to ensure the inspection of networks (gas or electricity), the surveillance of major routes, sensitive areas for forest fires or specialized measures (radioactivity electrical fields, etc.).