Helicopter Flying School

3. Type rating renewal

> Requirements

If you have let your helicopter type rating lapse and forgot to do the annual License Proficiency Check on time, then you will have to renew the rating before you can fly as PIC. The Type Rating Renewal Course updates knowledge and proficiency to renew the type rating.
Type ratings are valid for one year from the date of issue
For type rating renewal, the pilot must be in possession of a valid class 1 or 2 Medical Certificate

> Training

If the type rating has expired, AZUR HELICOPTERE will propose :
- refresher training (theoretical and practical) based on the date of expiry of the type rating*, the pilot’s experience (type rating and total experience)
- theoretical test and proficiency check in the relevant type of helicopter to be renewed
* Expiry longer than 3 years : the pilot should undergo the training required for the initial issue of the rating

> Rates

In accordance with flight training hourly rate. Quote on demand