Helicopter Flying School

12. Robinson Pilot Safety Course

> Who should attend the course ?

- Flight instructors on Robinson R22 and/or R44 (Decree from 1999/27/04)
- Robinson rated commercial or private pilots who wish to know more about Robinson helicopters and who want to fly in specific weather conditions (CN from 1995/01/16)
- Commercial pilots who use Robinson helicopters in public transport (Decree from 1998/12/11)

> Training

- The Robinson Pilot Safety Course is at least a 2-day course, which includes 1.5 day of classroom instruction, 1/2 day for the flying test (on R22 or R44) and a written examination with an experienced Robinson pilot
- Course dates are subject to cancellation if bad weather and if sufficient registration is not achieved.

> Rates

The cost of the entire course, including flight time is :
- €1100 if flying a R22
- €1350 if flying a R44

Several courses are organized all year long, in Cannes or Lyon, even on demand, do not hesitate for registration
For additional information, please contact us