Helicopter Flying School

7. Reconversion of Foreign Commercial Pilot Licence

> Requirements

- Be at least 18 years of age.
- Hold a valid Part-FCL Class 1 medical certificate.
- Hold a foreign Commercial Pilot License + medical certificate (still valid in the country where the license has been issued)
- Have the type rating of the helicopter used for the training
- Have successfully completed the theoretical knowledge examination for professional helicopter pilot (According to the Part-FCL)
- Have fulfilled knowledge and skill training admission tests

> Training

According to the results of the admission tests, Azur Helicoptere will send applicant's documents and a training programm to the French Civil Aviation, who will decide, depending on the applicant's experience, on the minimum theoretical and flying training course (approval of a specific training programm).

Standard training programm to sit for final skill test
(of which flying time may be reduced by the French Civil Aviation) : :
- 20 hours of visual instruction
- 10 hours of instrument instruction
- 5 hours of night flight training

> Rates

In accordance with flight training hourly rate (VAT included)
Contact us for more details
Quote regarding the applicant's experience
At the expense of the candidate : registration fees for the approval of a specific training programm, examiner fees for skill test and licence issued by the French Civil Aviation