Helicopter Flying School

1. Private pilot licence (PPL-H)

> Requirements

- Minimum age : 16 years old (when beginning the training) and at least 17 years old (day of the skill test)
- Valid Class 1 or 2 Medical Certificate

> Tranning content


- The theoretical knowledge examination can be prepared in self studying in your own time or through Computer Based Training (CBT)
- 10% of the theoretical program will be covered in classroom and during the briefings and debriefings before and after each flight instruction.

Flight instruction (45H)

- 35h of dual instruction (or 29h if the candidate holds a PPL-A with at least 60h as pilot-incommand)
- 10h of supervised solo flight time including 5h of solo cross-country flight time

> Rates

- R22 : 20700 € // Cabri : 22950€ // R44 : 34200€
- Other type, quote on demand
Possible trial lessons on R22 or R44 on demand (flying time will be deducted when beginning PPL-H)
Training is possible all year round and 7 days a week

At the expense of the candidate : theoretical books and equipment, examiner fees for skill test