Helicopter Flying School

2. Helicopter type rating (TR)

> Requirements

- Hold a PPL-H or CPL-H
- For those who wish to obtain their first turbine engine helicopter type rating, it will be refered to an INITIAL TYPE RATING
- Those who already possess a single engine turbine helicopter type rating can apply for an ADDITIONAL TYPE RATING (program with less hours)

> Type rating training

R22 R44 Cabri G2 EC120B AS350/B3/EC130B4
Theoretical training 10h 10h 10h 10h 14h30 ou 18h30
Flight instruction 5h 5h 2h or 5h 3h or 5h 3h or 5h

> Rates

- From 3000€ on R22 (flight test in supplement)
- Quote on request
- Please contact us for information regarding the AS355N TR or AS350/EC130 difference training.

At the expense of the candidate : fees to have the new type rating added to the licence (French Civil Aviation)