Helicopter Flying School

8. Flight Instructor Rating (FI-H)

> Requirements

The candidate shall :
- hold a valid class 1 or 2 Medical Certficate
- have received at least 10 hours of instrument flight instruction and have completed at least 20 hours of cross-country flight as pilot-in-command
- have completed at least 220 hours of helicopter flight time, of which :
at least 100 hours shall be as pilot-in-command if holding a CPL-H
at least 200 hours shall be as pilot-in command if holding a PPL-H and be in possession of the valid theoretical knowledge examination for commercial helicopter pilot (CPL-H) from an approved training organization (ATO)
- have the relevant type rating for the helicopter used for the training *
- have a Part-FCL pilot license
- have passed a specific pre-entry flight test and a knowledge exam within the 6 months preceding the start of the FIH course (to check the ability to undertake the training)
Robinson Safety Course is legally required to be a flight instructor on Robinson *.
*Type Ratings and Robinson Safety Course are possible on demand in Azur Helicoptere ATO

> Training (5 to 6 weeks)

- 125 hours of theoretical knowledge
- 30 hours of flight instruction
- Theoretical examination and skill test

> Rates

R22: 18200€
Other type (Cabri, R44…), quote on request
At the expense of the candidate :
examiner fees for skill test and fees to have the new type rating added to the licence (the French Civil Aviation)