Helicopter Flying School

13. Complementary training to confined areas

The complementary training to confined areas permits to obtain the technical and procedures of recognition of a landing site as well as appropriate markings
At the training issue, the helicopter flying instructor that assured and supervised the training will deliver to the pilot an attestation to deposit at the administration from which the pilot is domiciled to obtain the helipad card.

> Requirements

- To be at least 17 years old
- Hold a valid Class 1 or 2 medical certificate
- Hold a valid Part-FCL private pilot license
- Have 70 hours minimum of flight on helicopter

> Training classes composition:

- THEORETICAL INSRUCTION: minimum of 8 hours course on ground
- FLIGHT INSTRUCTION: 5 hours minimum with at least 3 sessions of flight instruction.

> Rates

- R22 : 3000€
- Cabri : 3250€
- R44 : 4500€
- Other type, quote on request