Helicopter Flying School

6. Commercial Pilot Licence (modular CPL-H)

> Requirements

- be at least 18 years of age.
- hold a valid approved Class 1 medical certificate.
- hold a PPL-H and the valid type rating of the helicopter used for the training
- have successfully completed the theoretical knowledge examination for professional helicopter pilot (According to the Part-FCL)
- have completed at least 155 hours of flight time (including 50 hours as pilot-in-command of which 10 hours of cross-country flight time)
- have fulfilled knowledge and skill training admission tests

> Training

- 20 hours of visual instruction (VFR)
- 10 hours of instrument instruction (VSV)
- 5 hours of night flight training (except for those who hold night flight rating)
The applicant will have at least 185 HOURS of helicopter flight time at the end of the training period to be able to sit final skill test

> Rates

- From 19500€ (on Robinson R22+R44)
- Training possible on other types of helicopters, quote on demand
- At the expense of the candidate: Admission test, registration fees for ground and flying examinations, skill test, examiner's fees for skill test and license issued by the French Civil Aviation