Helicopter Flying School

5. Commercial Pilot Licence (integrated CPL-H)

> Requirements

- be at least 18 years of age.
- hold a valid approved Class 1 medical certificate.
- have passed a knowledge pre-entry test.
- be available on a full-time basis from 9 to 24 months.

> Training

- THEORY CPL-H (400h) or ATPL-H / VFR (650h) in an approved training school
- FLYING TRAINING COURSE (135 hours) At Azur Helicopter (Cannes or Lyon) 85h of dual instruction and 50h as pilot in command

> Rates

- From 74200€ (CPL-H theory + Flying instruction on R22+R44)
- Quote on demand with ATPL-H/VFR theory and/or other helicopter type (Cabri G2, EC120, AS350...)
- At the expense of the candidate:
medical check-up, theoretical books and equipment, registration fees for ground and flying examinations, examiner's fees for skill test and license issued by the French Civil Aviation.