Try our tailor-made private flight experience, designed to combine comfort and flexibility.
Get ready to take off in one of helicopters for a transfer to any of the French (Corsica included), Italian, and Swiss airports
and to any other locations of your choice.

Enjoy a dedicated private flight tailored entirely to your needs. Embark at your chosen location, whether it be your hotel, villa, yacht, golf course or favorite restaurant.

Our private flight service is ideal for efficiency conscious businesses.
The improved travel speed gained through the service contributes to increasing productivity.
Whether you need to attend a meeting in person, participate in a congress or simply get from a to b in record time,
our team is poised to prepare the most efficient offer at the best possible cost.

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Services Included

Airport VIP welcome service

For private flights to Cannes and Nice airport, Our Passenger Service Agents meet you in the luggage zone and take you directly to your helicopter.
For private flights to other airports, Our Passenger Service Agents meet you on leaving the luggage zone and take you directly to your helicopter.

Limousine/valet service

Included at Cannes, Monaco, Saint Tropez, Courchevel, Geneva:
Azur Hélicoptère ensures door-to-door service
right through to your final destination.

Why choose azur helicoptere ?

Azur Hélicoptère is the European leader in on-demand private flights
and is recognized for its excellence in flight security by European Standards Authorities.

Our sales team is available 24/7
and provides a totally tailored experience to ensure the success of your trip.

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